Mia's AI Manipulation Instructional Academy


Hey guys! Mia here, under the tutelage of Verve (aka /u/rhasta_la_vista). I'm going to share everything that I've learned about the AI in Fire Emblem Heroes. This includes behaviors for all actions such as attacks, assists, and movement. I hope you will use this guide to augment your mastery of tactics in FEH!

First, let's answer the most frequently asked related pair of questions:
Q: Why did this dancer attack and not dance?
A: They had at least one combat in which they could deal a potential 5+ damage.
Q: Why did this dancer dance and not attack?
A: They had no combats in which they could deal at least 5+ damage.

Now to explain a bit how to navigate this site, here's where the links on the left side will take you:

Introduction This is an introduction to what the anatomy of a turn looks like for the AI. It will cover the basic operations that take place, but will not delve into the specifics. Its purpose is just to give you a brief overview of the structure of a turn.

Text Guide: This is a text-only version of the guide that has no clutter, but is mainly for quick and concise reference if you are already familiar with the rules of AI. It does not explain much or have any examples or pictures, simply the procedures that AI follow.

Annotated Guide: DECOMMISSIONED: Due to moving hosting site to github, I have to keep the site's size under 1GB, which involved decommissioning the annotated guide. Really sorry about that.

Charts: This page stores a few charts that are used in the guide, and are referenced when needed, so it can be useful for reference sometimes.

Glossary: This page contains explanations for certain concepts and has a compendium of all tiebreakers used by AI, so it can be useful for reference sometimes.

Changelog: Check this page to see if anything gets changed or updated. I'll also try to share what new info is being researched or being added in the future.

Questions, comments, feedback, Mia fan art, all of that can be directed to my twitter account, or my discord
twitter: @VerveFEH
discord: Verve#1903

I also have a youtube channel where I have done Mia solos, so if that's up your alley check out my channel!
youtube: Verve - FEH

Special thanks to Gazz, Len, and Lunacy for help and feedback. Maybe Lea too. Perhaps.